Jennifer Saul is the winner of the 2011 Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award

The Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award is awarded by The Society for Women in Philosophy. Below is an excerpt from the society’s announcement:

Jenny Saul has demonstrated courage and leadership, and she is leading feminists forward to new ways of thinking and connecting. We applaud Dr. Saul’s willingness to take a public stand against sexism everywhere, especially in our profession. She is one of the founders of and co-bloggers for Feminist Philosophers, an excellent, trans-continental forum for highlighting gender-bias in the academy. The Feminist Philosophers blog has become a wonderful example of collective feminist work that has led to other initiatives like the “Gendered Conference Campaign,” “What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy?” and “What are we Doing about What it is Like” message boards. Dr. Saul has also directed SWIP UK, helped to implement the ‘woman-friendly initiative award’ and will be co-chairing the SWIP/British Philosophical Association’s Sub-Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession. Her work on implicit bias has done much to bring in allies to the advancement of women in philosophy, including many who would not ordinarily consider themselves feminist. Her scholarship in Philosophy of Language is also most notable and there is much praise for her book, Feminism: Issues and Arguments. Dr. Saul has done a great deal to make all our lives better and, as both a mentor and scholar, her colleagues have found her to be most worthy of the Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award.

For the Feminist Blog’s post on the award see:

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